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You can raise money for your organization by earning a commission when your supporters play poker, BINGO, or slot machines online.

All you have to do is sign up with the program that you want to offer, place some links on your website, tell your supporters about it, and the rest is automated!

Poker is played one of two ways: "live" against other players one-on-one or in tournaments; or video poker, which is played against the computer.  Most casinos have video poker.  Not all casinos have "live" poker.

VIP Profits
Your all-in-one site that offers poker, slots, casino action, sports book and horse betting.  
Your supporters can bet on the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, and all other sports worldwide.
They have several properties that you can promote:
VIP Poker
VIP Casino
VIP Sports book sports/poker/casino

US players welcome at some sites.
Commission levels:
10% of initial deposits or
20-40% of wagers
20% of poker rake

Gaming Partners  Kiwi Casino
and several other properties under one umbrella
35-50% from Casino players or
$300 for each new casino player

30% from poker players or
$100 for each new poker player

25-40% from Bingo players or
$200 for each new bingo player

Revenue Giants
Slots and BINGO!

World Bingo Affiliates
World BINGO Affiliates
Featuring: BingoWorkz, USA Bingo, and Desperate Housewives Bingo
Commissions up to 48%

Up to 50% Commission!
Wager Profits offers Sci-Fi casino, Breakaway Casino, TigerGaming, PokerInCanada, and Action Poker.
Commission rate is 35-40% depending on the casino property.

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Players in the US are experiencing challenges with playing poker and casino games online.  Although it is not explicitly illegal to for US citizens to gamble online, 11 states have passed laws for their citizens.  These states are: Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin.

The other states have no such laws, but it is difficult to fund the online gaming account. 

We suggest using virtual VISA GiftCards.
This is the best solution for online casino payments, especially for US players!
Buy it online, use it at most online casinos.

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